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La Mini-Maternelle French Preschool Program


Our Program

Since 2014, JDE has welcomed children to its fun, warm and vibrant classroom community to play, grow and learn together, all in French. The program is divided into 5 areas:

  • Language through learning

  • Living together

  • Moving and expressing oneself using one’s body

  • Discovering the world around us

  • Sensitivity, imagination, creation

Within these areas, we employ a variety of progressive early-educational models.


In the Classroom

The classroom boasts a three-year age range of pupils ranging from beginners to native French speakers. This system allows flexibility in learning pace and permits the mutually beneficial relationship to develop whereby younger children seek to emulate older children, and older children naturally become teachers by sharing what they have learned with the younger ones. The children are offered a variety of opportunities to work both individually and cooperatively in small groups.  Teachers adapt their interactions based on the age and the language ability of each student.  

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule includes a balance of stimulating and relaxing developmentally appropriate activities. Through the well-known power of educational tools, our educators awaken in the children a life-long love of learning, empathy towards others and creative thinking.

All activities will be led in French with the needs met of all levels of speakers! At all times, positive guidance techniques are used to shape the interaction between the children and with the French teacher.



There are no French language requirements to attend our Mini-Maternelle program — only an openness and desire on the part of the parents or guardians for the children to learn a new language! Children must however be between 2 (24 months) and 5 years of age by the time they start school.

We offer a three-day (Tues/Wed/Thurs) and a four-day (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs) program, running from 9am-2pm. Starting the 2023-2024 school year, our new hours will be 9am-3pm!

All kids aged two to five years old are welcome to attend. See our Safe at School Guidelines
. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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